EP-M150 Pro

EP-M150 Pro High Speed & High Precision Metal Additive Manufacturing Equipment

EP-M150 Pro adopts metal powder bed selective melting MPBFTM (Metal Powder Bed Fusion) technology, single and dual-laser printing modes are optional, supporting 200 and 500W laser, which can be perfectly used for the rapid production of high performance, high-precision parts. It has been applied in versatile applications such as industrial manufacturing, medical, education, dental, materials development and etc.

•High laser beam quality
•Tiny laser spot
•High consistency and uniform laser beam quality from different positions in the building platform.

•The Layer thickness can be up to 100 μm.
•With the latested upgraded technology combining dual-laser with large layer thickness
mode, the productivity has been risen for 2.3~2.7 times.

•The density of printed parts can reach nearly 100 %.
•Volatility of mechanical properties<5%.
•In dual laser printing mode, precision deviation in alignment area ≤0.15 mm.

•High consistency, different machines could use the same set of process parameters.
•Machine compatible with multiple materials, the same machine can print multiple materials without adjusting the optical path.