3D Metal Printing

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is one of the rapidly growing areas of innovative production. Their development creates a high demand for metal alloys containing elements such as Ti, Cr, Co, Mo, Nb, Ni, W. The use of such alloys in the aerospace, chemical, nuclear, medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries has become very complex and inefficient with traditional metal processing technologies. Therefore, modern printing of 3D metal parts uses metal alloys in powder form. These high-quality materials with special mechanical and physical properties are the basis for successful projects.

„Advanced Alloys & Manufacturing“ MB in partnership with the “Center for Physical Sciences and Technology” puts alloys on the market in the form of powders, the application of which not only saves valuable time but also allows the implementation of very complex engineering solutions that generate less waste.

„Advanced Alloys & Manufacturing“ MB is actively contributing to the development of a new generation of metallurgical and metalworking industries that focus on better mechanical and physical properties of metal alloys and the conservation of natural resources by reducing production energy costs and production waste. Knowing the advantages of additive manufacturing and the subtleties of 3D metal printing technologies, we provide the opportunity to purchase the highest quality materials. Our products – spherical metal alloy powder for 3D printers, will help your projects to become products that meet the maximum quality, and for you – the leaders in this market!