EP-M450 Large Size & High Speed & Reliable Production Metal Additive Manufacturing System

With a building chamber size of 455*455*500mm3 Eplus3D Introduces EP-M450 to the successful line of MPBF™ 3D printers. The complete open system makes EP-M450 a very powerful tool for large scale production for our customer to access different metal powders like titanium, aluminum, nickel alloys and stainless steel, etc. EP-M450 is aiming to output the large parts with its high performance and high accuracy.

•Printed parts’ density>99.9%, deviation in parts’ mechanical properties <5%.
•Repeatable positional accuracy along Z- axis of building direction ≤±5 μm.
•Overlapping deviation with dual laser printing ≤±0.1 mm.

•Excellent core optic components from world- class supplier and mature process control parameter algorithm provides highest part quality.
•High quality uniform part printing due to excellent control over building environment and components.

•Build chamber size(X*Y*Z): 455*455*500mm3, build chamber volume >100 L.
•Optional dual laser system with 2*500W fiber lasers increases printing efficiency by 70%.
•Maximum building rate of 55 cm3/h

•Blow back enabled coarse and fine filtration system ensures prolonged lifetime of filter over 1000 hrs. •Highly user friendly software interface and one- click printing technology makes printing super simplified. •Reduced gas consumption during printing ≤6 L/min helps reducing operation cost.