EP-M300 High Productivity Metal AM Machine

Metal Powder Bed Fusion With a building chamber size of 305*305*450mm3, Eplus3D introduces EP-M300 to the successful line of MPBFTM metal AM solutions. The new EP-M300 is a marvelous metal printer that makes the production of reliable and high quality large metallic parts viable on industrial scale without requiring any tools.

•Open parameters for editing laser power, scan speed, scan direction,up and down facing surfaces etc.
•Open system ensures free choice among a wide range of metal powders in the market.
•Process software supports SLC and CLI formats.

•Excellent core optic components from world- class suppliers and mature process control parameter algorithm provides highest part quality.
•High quality uniform part printing due to excellent control over building environment and components.

•Build chamber size (XxYxZ) is up to 305*305*450mm3.
•Printing with increased layer thickness can be realized to improve production capacity.
•With in-house developed processing software (EP- Hatch), optimized scanning strategies can be achieved yielding reduced print duration.

•Blowback enabled coarse and fine gas-filtration system with 1000 hours.
•Highly user friendly software interface and one-click printing technology makes printing super simplified.
•Reduced gas consumption during printing ≤6 L/min helps reducing operation cost.

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