AA7075 powder


Aluminium and its alloys are the most important and commonly used materials in the world today. These alloys are valued for their low density, high strength, ease of processing, corrosion resistance, and other advantages. Among aluminium alloys, the ultra-high strength 7xxx series is the most suitable material group for use in the aerospace and military sectors. Aluminium alloy 7075 is part of the 7xxx series, which has a better strength-to-weight ratio than steel and the main alloying element is zinc, although auxiliary elements are often used. 

Its nominal chemical breakdown is 90.0% Al, 5.6% Zn, 2.5% Mg, 0.23% Cr and 1.6% Cu. 7075 aluminium has a slightly higher density than pure aluminium at 2.81 g/cm3 and can also be strengthened by a heat treatment process (usually 7075-T6 hardening). This alloy is one of the strongest aluminium grades, but it is difficult to form and weld and is more easily degraded by corrosion processes. These disadvantages are offset by the impressive strength of 7075 aluminium.

Aluminium 7075 series alloy materials are used in the development of automotive, aerospace and marine components, rifles for the US military, fuselages, turbine housings, rocket parts, automotive engine housings, et.

Chemical composition

Element Weight %
Zink 5.1 min - 6.7 max
Copper 1.2 min - 2.0 max
Magnesium 2.1 min - 2.9 max
Silicon ≤0.40
Chromium 0.18 min - 0.28 max
Iron ≤0.20
Titanium ≤0.50
Aluminum Bal.

Mechanical properties

AA7075 Mechanical Properties
Yield strength 140 MPa
Tensile strength 280 MPa
Elongation 11 %


Particle size Particle size distribution
D10 D50 D90
15 - 53 µm - 30 - 33 µm -

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