EP-M650 Quad Laser Large Size Metal Additive Manufacturing System

Using MPBFTM (Metal Powder Bed Fusion) technology, the EP-M650 is using a 655*655*800mm3 build envelope and four laser systems to ensure a high efficiency printing production. The system is suitable for the direct manufacturing of large-size, high-precision and high-performance parts in the aerospace, aviation, automotive and defense industry.

•Four lasers are printing simultaneously with up to 120 cm3, which increased efficiency of 3.5 times.
•Printing large layer thicknesses of more than 60 um possible.

•Excellent high beam quality (M2≤1.1).
•Accuracy deviation of lap area less than ±0.1mm.
•Optimized design of gas flow ensures the effective removal of dust and splatter.
•The strict calibration ensures the consistency between parts and batches.

•Friendly user interface with fully automatic one-click printing function.
•The build job information is displayed in real time with traceable printing parameters report.

•Safety design, prevent mis-operation, electric shock, fire, waste and pollution.
•Outstanding overall sealing performance, use and recovery of powder in a closed state.
•Environment and gas source state Real-Time Monitoring, safe and reliable

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