Ferro Silicon Inoculant


Inoculants are specially designed FeSi based alloys to control the microstructure and mechanical properties of cast irons, it is specially designed to serve most aspects of grey, compacted and ductile iron production, with defined contents of active elements such as Barium, Calcium, Rare earth, Zirconium Etc. Inoculant performances depend largely on the elements or combination of elements carried into molten iron by the specialty ferro silicon inoculant. Effects are determined by alloy composition and metallurgical characteristics of the iron. Different inoculants are therefore used for various conditions and requirements in iron casting production.

Element Weight %
Aluminum ≤1.25
Calcium 0.7 - 1.5
Silicon 70 - 75
Barium 70 - 75
Size 10 - 50 mm, 10 - 80 mm, 25 - 100 mm or according to customers requirement of lump shape.

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